Lightcut Film is a digital Production and Post Production Studio based in Rome. Since 2007, our Core Business is the Production of audiovisual and Cinematic Products.
From Vfx to MoGraph, from Sound Design to Color Correction, our Professional Artists work in dynamic, interactive, fast and safe creative Workflows and manage the whole creative Process through a shared Storage System in which you will be able to verify the progress of your Project, anytime.
Lightcut Film loves to build immersive Experiences and turn your Ideas into stunning Projects.

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Our Headquarter is in Rome, we call it our 3 Floors Theme Park. Rooms are wide and bright, all the Environments are comfortable.

The part of the building we love the most? Our terrace, where our Clients enjoy to spend short or longer breaks.

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Domenico Granata


I have been working in the Post Production field for over 40 years.
Taking advantage of my Experience and Know-how on the Workflows, I wanted to create something different from all the other Companies and decided to launch Lightcut Film with Andrea Tubili as Creative Director.

In 2010, our Vfx Supervisor Max Cipollina joined the team. His huge Experience working on Visual Effects is one of our Strengths today in LCF.

Lightcut Film is a solid and structured Company, offering a wide range of Services that you can find here. They have been 13 years of synergic work and we still do our best to satisfy the most demanding Clients through our work.

I’m at your disposal for any information.

Massimo Cipollina

Vfx Supervisor

I have more than 22 years of experience in film and TV Productions, delivering over 80 shows (features Films and Episodic TV).

I started my Career as a Fx Technical Director working for Italian and International companies including Proxima, FramebyFrame, Visualogie, MPC, Double Negative. In 2010, I became a Lightcut Film partner and then in 2019 CEO of Lightcut Fx, a Company specialized in the Production of high-end 3d and Vfx.

Currently I am the Head of Vfx Production and the Vfx Executive Producer and I am also consultant for film production companies.

Andrea Tubili


I’ve always been passionate about Cinema and Advertising and have been working as Director and Creative Director for over 25 years.

I have followed the creation of Promos, Commercials, Videoclips and
all sorts of multimedia Content for many important Clients managing the creative processes in all their aspects, from the technical to the artistic ones.

I create and design MoGraph Contents and love working on the development of Logos, Logo Animations and Brand Identity for Companies, TV and Multimedia Channels following the whole Workflow, from the Idea until the final Product, through Storyboards, Mood boards and 2D/3D Animation.

I think that each Project is a new challenge to face with all my efforts to find the best and customized solutions.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible

Walt Disney (Walter Elias Disney)

Nothing is known, anything can be imagined

Federico Fellini

We are a creative studio, we build visual experiences.

Lightcut Film

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