Working for the Commercial of the 76th Venice Film Festival has been a great Challenge. We were aware of the big work needed and we said “yes, let’s do it!”

The Golden Lion for the 76th Venice International Film Festival
The 76th edition of one of the world’s most popular Festivals was held in the last week of August 2019. The International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of the Venice Biennale – also called the Venice International Film Festival – it’s one the biggest and oldest Film Festivals. Last year, the Jury awarded Joker with the Golden Lion. This great movie was directed by Todd Phillips.

The Golden Lion is the highest prize given to the winning Film at this Festival and the most prestigious Award that a Film’s Production and Staff could wish for. That’s why we were supposed to create an honoring Masterpiece of this award, something that people could talk about and hardly forget.

A Vfx Masterpieces occurred then: we made a lion able to fly.
It was several months before August when we had been asked to work on a lion for the Venice Film Festival’s Commercial. The fact is that they didn’t ask a simple lion but an animal that we all have seen in movies for sure but didn’t exist in reality.
They asked us for a winged Lion. What could we do?


Working on a 3D Lion has meant creating it since his bones and muscles. We imagined this massive Lion walking through the city of Venice and arriving at the stage of the theatre, where it opens his wings, ready to fly.

We had been working on the previous editions of this great Festival bus this time was different. It has been one of the best accepted Challenges we are so proud of.



Thanks to our special Team and special thanks to:

Executive Creative Director: Pierluigi Colantoni
Creative: Marina Napolitano (Rai)
Director: Daniel Marini (Rai)
DOP: Riccardo Topazio
Executive Producer: Francesco Baggetta
Post Production Coordinator: Clelia Fasano

Post Produzione: Lightcut Film
Vfx Supervisor/Vfx Producer: Massimo Cipollina
Lead/Creature TD: Marco Panci 3D
Lighter: Alessandro Bandinelli
Lead Animator/Animation Supervisor: Gianluca Fratellini
Grooming: Francesco Di Luisi – Sofia Oliveira
Fur simulation/Lookdev: Grzegorz Flaga
Texture Artist: Marianna Giugno
Lead Compositor: Maura Manfredi
Compositor: Gianni Melito, Nicolò Terranova

Composed by Nicholas Britell
Courtesy of Lake George
Entertainment LLC and 24